This blog is a collection of snapshots, anecdotes, and insights from my travels to China.

Dream smasher COVID did a thorough job destroying my best laid 2020 travel plans. With no new far away places to explore for a while, I decided to start the journey all over and revisit the places on Mainland China and in Taiwan that I've been to since 2010.

I'm a passionate solo female traveller, immigrated to Canada 25 years ago, love meeting and sharing ideas with people from all over the world. I've been to many countries, but no other place has surprised and changed me so profoundly as China.

Travelling back in time is an interesting experience. Each picture I share on these pages stirs up strong emotions and a deep sense of gratitude. Maybe in a year or two we can set off freely once again, but will it ever be the same? Will people continue to keep a physical distance? Will fear and misuse of the popular phrase finally have created the social distance? Will strangers still welcome me with open arms? Will friends still happily invite me to their own and their relatives' and friends' homes? This journey back makes me realize how special every day has been and how privileged I was.

This time, my virtual wanderings led me to the Hangzhou of 2015, and once more I strolled around West Lake, explored the parks, and climbed the mountains through tea plantations and bamboo forests. I publish a new article every two or three weeks. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram where I announce all updates. Join the discussion on social media or drop me an email!