My Adventure China began in 2010 and has already led me through quite a few provinces and regions on Mainland China and Taiwan. But it also takes place in Canada where I’ve met many good friends within the Chinese community.

This blog tells our stories, randomly picked. Join us, meet the people, see some sights, and pick up a few bits and pieces about Chinese culture and life style.

In just a few days I’ll head out on another China adventure with first stops in Qingdao and Harbin. Frequent updates will be on the new page China 2017.

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Asia travels 2010 - 2016
Visited between 2010 – 2016


The beginning of an exciting journey – Shanghai during Expo

A rookie discovers Shanghai and meets notorious queue-jumpers at Expo 2010.

The gorgeous caves of Jiuxiang Scenic Area

Follow a solo traveller to the colorful and spectacular Jiuxiang Caves in Yunnan

Hitting the right tone or getting lost in translation

Hilarious signs and the pitfalls of a tonal language. Although in slightly different ways, we are all having fun...

Sitting in Tibetan grasslands and eating yogurt

Simple joys in Tibetan grasslands. But wait... where exactly is Tibet??

Temple of Heaven – masterpiece of architecture and landscaping

How the Temple of Heaven in Beijing opened the doors to... Chinese parks for me.

One-on-one Mandarin classes at Keats

How being a student at Keats School in Kunming opened up a new and exciting travel style for me.