Getting ready for a new adventure

Just two more sleeps and a new adventure will begin. After two days in Qingdao (Shandong province) I'll continue my journey in Harbin (Heilongjiang) where I'll spend four weeks trying to improve my Chinese at the Harbin Manadarin School. I haven't decided on the destinations after my time in Harbin but I'm hoping to reconnect with friends and again...

Taroko – exploring one of Taiwan’s 9 national parks

Taiwan is full of surprises, and Taroko with its breathtaking scenery was one of the best possible introductions to this beautiful island.

From nature’s bag of tricks: lost pond, found meadow

Secrets of the karst mountains in Guilin – the never-ending daily transformation of a pond into a meadow.

Old and new legends from Hangzhou’s West Lake

Struggle between Hangzhou's legendary beauty and modern day air pollution

The gorgeous caves of Jiuxiang Scenic Area

Follow a solo traveller to the colorful and spectacular Jiuxiang Caves in Yunnan

Non-stop entertainment at the Panda Base

Visiting the famous Chengdu Panda Base. Feeling happy for the pandas, sorry for some tour group guests.

One-on-one Mandarin classes at Keats

How being a student at Keats School in Kunming opened up a new and exciting travel style for me.

Sitting in Tibetan grasslands and eating yogurt

Simple joys in Tibetan grasslands. But wait... where exactly is Tibet??

Temple of Heaven – masterpiece of architecture and landscaping

How the Temple of Heaven in Beijing opened the doors to... Chinese parks for me.

The beginning of an exciting journey – Shanghai during Expo

A rookie discovers Shanghai and meets notorious queue-jumpers at Expo 2010.