Taroko – exploring one of Taiwan’s 9 national parks

Taiwan is full of surprises, and Taroko with its breathtaking scenery was one of the best possible introductions to this beautiful island.

From nature’s bag of tricks: lost pond, found meadow

Secrets of the karst mountains in Guilin – the never-ending daily transformation of a pond into a meadow.

Old and new legends from Hangzhou’s West Lake

Struggle between Hangzhou's legendary beauty and modern day air pollution

The gorgeous caves of Jiuxiang Scenic Area

Follow a solo traveller to the colorful and spectacular Jiuxiang Caves in Yunnan

Non-stop entertainment at the Panda Base

Visiting the famous Chengdu Panda Base. Feeling happy for the pandas, sorry for some tour group guests.

One-on-one Mandarin classes at Keats

How being a student at Keats School in Kunming opened up a new and exciting travel style for me.

Sitting in Tibetan grasslands and eating yogurt

Simple joys in Tibetan grasslands. But wait... where exactly is Tibet??

Temple of Heaven – masterpiece of architecture and landscaping

How the Temple of Heaven in Beijing opened the doors to... Chinese parks for me.

The beginning of an exciting journey – Shanghai during Expo

A rookie discovers Shanghai and meets notorious queue-jumpers at Expo 2010.

The tail ends of a train ride from Beijing to Xi’an

How a stranger transformed a robbery attempt into a wonderful experience - and all without a common language.